Reggae Happenins- Singer / Producer Immanuel ‘Ras-I’ Kerr

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This is reggae happenings on 91.5 Jazz and more. This virgin?

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Yes. Yeah, you are me y'all are you? I'm doing good man. I'm hooked up now with you direct. And we're gonna do a 20 minute interview today. And first I want to I want to ask you, what name do you go in and harass?

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My personal name. Emmanuelle and my new album name is

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Imani Emmanuel II.

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Yeah, no, I, I am a

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Nue I am a UL

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and a UE

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LPA. Yes umano greetings. Greetings, man. Nice to have you on the program today, man. We're gonna do this 20 minute interview. Yeah. So tell us a little bit Bucha Lester Whitman. Will you were you born it?

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Well, I was born in Africa. I'm off. Ethiopian heritage. grew in Israel. Yeah. And yeah. And I used to have my band there. Yes. Africa. We recorded our first album in 97. Yes. And right now. I'm about to wrap up my new album. That's called the Black Lion. With the letter D.

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D. black line. That's your latest album.

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Yeah, that's the album I'm wrapping up now. Okay, you can check it out on G black lion that calm so the letter D the word black the word lion that calm?

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Yes, Emmanuel. So tell us how many albums do you record so far, Manuel?

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Honestly, not much. I did like punctual recordings and production that I had. The chance to produce wasn't necessarily reggae. But this is my main solo album. That is a very interesting album. Because it was done in a way that not many people are working nowadays. Yes, it's a 13 track album in four languages with 14 musicians.

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So look here. The last album, I heard some of the music. It's a really good album. But it's recorded in different languages. Yes, my language the other songs because I know it's in English.

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Yeah, there are four languages in the album. Yes. And to be honest, it is not only a reggae album, because we also have in this album, some jazz, and some soul music

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on that album. That's the model album that's coming out right now.

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Yes, absolutely. The Black Lion D black

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line. That's the name of the album. So yes, it will be a few touring history.

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Well, as I told you, who I used to have the band roots Africa back in the day. Yes. And in the mid 90s. We had the chance to play with a lot of classic bands. Like

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third world. Those bands International. Yeah, like third world that everybody knows. Yes. Where do you picture where do you play with those guys at Third World?

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Third World we played with them in 96 and it was in northern Israel. Okay. In a big festival. Okay. Yeah, a lot of people are not aware but Israel loves reggae.

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Oh, very much. Very much a lot of reggae

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a lot of reggae in Israel. Yes. And you know, we used to cover all these. When I say cover, I mean, we used to perform before these bands to open for them. Okay. And there were a lot of great bands from culture with the band. Diesel brother culture Yeah, what was the culture? I think he was 96

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Okay it is well with yeah with the late Joseph

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hill we we had the chance to play with people like Shabba ranks Tawny rebel

Unknown Speaker 5:26

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Actually my band roots Africa back stone you rebel. Oh that's

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really nice. And that's in six yeah that's a 96

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I do not think so. I think that's Tony rebel was in the year 2000 Okay and Tony rebel didn't join the band and he also proposed us to cover when I say cover I mean to go and perform at reggae salute that

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there's a festival

Unknown Speaker 6:06
yeah is happening soon. Reggae salute. And I encourage everybody to go to this wonderful festival

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where it's gonna take place that

Unknown Speaker 6:19
I think reggae salute take place every year in Jamaica. Rubber salute. Yeah, Red Bull.

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That's the stone The stone wherever production.

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Yeah, absolutely. And back in the day, when we played with our band roots Africa and we, we performed with him and the singer. He did enjoy the band. Yes. And he wanted to bring our band to perform in Rebel salute.

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Okay, so you did plane and rubber salute in Jamaica.

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As a matter of fact, it didn't happen because for various reasons. We couldn't make it. But you know, better late than never. Okay, maybe it's going to happen soon.

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So you're going to New Bern right now. Where are you at right now? In the States?

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Yeah, right now, basically, I used to live in Europe for many years

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really? apart in Europe,

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I used to live in France. And basically, I repainted the most of the album in France. Most and and now I'm just wrapping up the little things little but not less important. Yes. In the US because in France, though, it was a very interesting interesting experience. Yes. It was kind of difficult to get the album to the level I wanted. Okay,

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so that was sounds really good. So you've been around the world have been quite a few places in Israel, Europe and Africa. That's really nice. So can you signally lay your tunes in a different language

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again, come again.

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Give me a few lines of the latest song in in the in the Ethiopian form and our listeners want to we record this week too, you know, but I didn't I don't know the name of it or anything like that. Just listen to you. So can you give us a little lines of the songs that you're recording right now?

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Yes, absolutely.

Unknown Speaker 9:07
So many different language

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in different languages. Okay. So we have the song Don't say the the mellow tones so these are and you have also the song your female.

Unknown Speaker 9:48

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let me call Latina girl has Am I not smooth showing them a man all the not know what's holding them. Oh me.

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Yeah, yeah so Look Look here. So the songs record three different language, English, African language and in French

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you have Hebrew, Hebrew which is an African language by the way to get in Yeah. Which is an Ethiopian language Amharic which is also an Ethiopian language Yes. But the only small line okay. English and French,

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English and French you sing in English and French so what's your plans? What are you doing right now?

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My plans are to spread the word in the world about what is happening by my music

Unknown Speaker 11:37
to reggae sounds

Unknown Speaker 11:40
reggae so

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at reggae, soul and jazz? Yes, so are you gonna be on tour anytime soon?

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Most likely, you know these are going to sell to blues. Basically, I had the Providence to produce this album, righted recorded and also with the help of very benevolent and nice people that helped me. So also this is a part of the is the is a part of the journey today shows. But honestly, right now my energy is about recording because shows are important. I do perform gear in there. Yes, but I'm just one person. So I cannot do everything anytime easily. You know? Yes. I would love to perform, but it's a very serious formation. You know, we're like 13 Peach bands. Yes requires a lot of attention. resources. So I'm more focused right now. In the recording of the album.

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So Tim, do you write all your lyrics?

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Yes, yes. On this album, everything is original. Including the melodies and everything. Okay. Sometimes I'm able to sing other others lyrics but on this album, everything is original.

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So did you read the lyrics yourself? And so are you plan planning of coming to this side Las Vegas anytime soon or anything in mind?

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I would love to I would love to but as I told you right now I'm focusing in recording. Okay. Just released one new song that's called La chatter. Yes. is available on the black line that calm

Unknown Speaker 14:19
that's your site, the black black what?

Unknown Speaker 14:22
D as the letter D de D as the letter D in the world in the word, David. Okay, he got gone. Yeah. So

Unknown Speaker 14:34
that's, that's where if anybody wants to find you music, that's where they can go and find your music.

Unknown Speaker 14:41
Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely.

Unknown Speaker 14:44
Can you can repeat that again? We can find the music because, like for them to really?

Unknown Speaker 14:49
Chicken. Absolutely. So it's like the fourth letter of the alphabet D. Yeah. Like the color and Lion like the feline the king of the jungle the black lion that's gone

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yes sir that's where they can find your music anytime they go online absolutely yes manuals nice talking to you man and it was lovely and I hope your music takes off and you're gonna be on this podcast we're gonna we're gonna we're gonna launch you're there and sort of people couldn't recognize you and check out your music the black

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Yeah yeah you can you can play the song you know Lucha Chaka there is another song that was released like a while ago Yeah, that's on our channel. Yes. And the next song is going to be in English.

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Okay, so is this album releases yet?

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No, I'm releasing the album and song by song as you know your son My son in the market now? Yes. Is it such a report that it's very hard to release a good hypothetical released the entire album but it doesn't benefit the artists album. So what I'm doing released a song by

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song and I sent it Yes, Emmanuel was nice talking to you, man. And I hope you get some feedback from her new album. Yeah, and one of these days you then come to Las Vegas and performers.

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Yeah, in my time, you can reach us out in our email so Manuel, yes, I am an IU L Yes. Emanuela Yes, he blocked by an email that

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Okay, so that's on the Sunday record and knows how to find it. So we're going to talk again sometime soon and there will be some feedback is nice talking with you. And everything is lovely. Thank you so much. All right. Eric yellow reggae happenings. Man always gets shot

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